Composition Shingles Roofs

Composition roof shingles is the most common roofing choice for residential homes in Houston TX and comes in a variety of colors and styles. Composition roof shingles have a fiberglass reinforcing mat at the center. This mat is coated with asphalt and mineral fillers.

  • Manufacturer warranties on roof shingles range from 20 years to a Lifetime.
  • Roof shingles are improved to prevent algae and moss growth, UV degradation, and to resist cracking, splitting, and blistering.
  • Some composition roof shingles are energy efficient and qualify for an Energy Star™ rating. Check with your roofing professional for more details on optimizing your home to be energy efficient.
  • Some roof shingles now offer Class IV impact resistant ratings – the highest rating offered in roofing products to combat hail and other impacts.

3 Tabs Shingles

These are the most common types of roof shingles, as they are the easiest to maintain and among the least expensive of all roofing systems. This type of roofing appears as a one layer product with a distinct pattern of tabs (caused by vertical slots notched into the visible part of each shingle, splitting the lower half of the shingle into three tabs). Usually, 3-tab composition roofing comes with manufacturer’s warranties of 20, 25, or 30 years.

A tough, one-piece shingle ideal for situations where the highest quality roofing products are needed at an economical price. Fiberglass composition, 196 lbs. per square, UL Class A fire resistance, and a 20 year limited warranty.
Economy shingle with a laundry list of features: 25-Year limited, transferable warranty, fiberglass construction, 60 mph limited wind warranty, UL Class A fire rating, and algae protection available.

Maquis Weathermax

Marquis WeatherMax roofing shingles are designed for homeowners who demand superior performance, classic detailing, and a traditional appeal in a basic 3-tab shingle.

Royal Sovereign

Royal Sovereign roofing shingles combine a simple, timeless beauty with JC&C Roofing’s Advanced Protection technology making it our most popular 3-tab shingle.

Laminate Roof Shingles

Laminate roof shingles (also called dimensionals) have become a popular choice in composition roofing and are considered an upgrade to the 3-tab shingle. Laminates are similar to 3 tabs, except that they feature a second tabbed layer fused to the base shingle, which doubles the thickness of the material. Laminate composition roof shingles come with warranties of 30, 40, or 50 years. Value and performance with a natural wood-shake look. This is a fiberglass asphalt shingle with a lifetime limited transferable warranty, Smart Choice® Protection – 10 Years, 130 mph limited wind warranty, StainGuard® algae protection, and rated Class A fire – UL 790.

American Harvest

Now, you can improve your home’s looks and even its resale value with American Harvest roofing shingles from JC&C Roofing.

Ultra HD

Your best investment for an ultra-dimensional wood-shake look.

Natural Shadow

Value and performance in a natural wood-shake look.


Royal Sovereign roofing shingles combine a simple, timeless beauty with JC&C Roofing’s Advanced Protection technology making it our most popular 3-tab shingle.

Cool Series

Value and performance in a genuine wood-shake look.


Class IV Shingles with enhanced impact resistance roofing shingles. May even save on insurance in certain areas!

Architectural Premium Roof Shingles

These roof shingles are considered top of the line in terms of composition roofing. These roof shingles are fashioned like slabs and laid on top of each other for a super strong roof. Architectural roof shingles are thicker, heavier, and physically larger than standard laminates, and often offer extra features like moss retardants. Architectural roof shingles come with manufacturer’s warranties of as long as 50 years or even lifetime.


Uncompromising performance and timeless beauty at a fraction of the cost of expensive slate or wood shakes.

Grand Canyon

The ultimate choice for a rugged wood-shake look.


Glenwood Shingles feature a triple-layer design that will give your roof the ultra-dimensional, highly desirable look of authentic hand-cut wood shakes.

Camelot II

Camelot II Shingles offer the look of the original Camelot Shingles, but at an incredibly affordable price!


Classic old world elegance…at an incredibly affordable price.


Bold shadow lines and tapered cut-outs create the look of slate at a fraction of the cost.

Grand Sequoia

Patented, extra-large shingle with unique design creates a dramatic visual impact for prestigious homes.


The stylish look of hand-cut European shingles at an incredibly affordable price.

Grand Sequoia ArmorShield

The look of rugged wood shakes with the protection of UL 2218 Class 4 impact resistance.

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Ready to repair
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