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Texas weather can be fickle! Especially being close to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, it displays torrential storms and sometimes unexpectedly cold weather. Texas weather can come to be very harsh on any roof system that is holding up to protect you and your loved ones. Storm damage to roofs is very common in this area. This is why it is required for homeowners to have a regular inspection of their home at least once a year; it's all about your peace of mind! If you believe your roof may need some kind of repair or even maybe a roof replacement, don't hesitate to call us, your trusted roofing company. It will always be better to fix small roofing problems before getting into much worse trouble.

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      We follow rigorous roof installation procedures developed by the manufacturer and our team to ensure the best possible roof installation and the best roofing experience.

      We are certified by the highest quality roofing manufacturers to provide you with a roof warranty after installation. We’re certified to protect your investment, backed by the manufacturer. Don’t be deceived, a “LIFETIME” roof warranty is not “LIFETIME” unless it is installed the way the manufacturer designed it to be.

      Houston Roof Replacement

      Minimum Repair Charge
      1 Item

      $ 350
      Houston Roof Replacement

      Roof Tune-Up starts at

      $ 149
      • Maintenance of fences
      • Checking electrical wiring
      Houston Roof Replacement

      Emergency Roof Tarping

      $ 450
      • Maintenance of fences
      • Checking electrical wiring
      Houston Roof Replacement

      Replace Rotten /Damaged Plywood w Shingle Repair

      $ 385
      per area
      • Maintenance of fences
      • Checking electrical wiring
      roof replacement
      roof replacement
      Ltd. Lifetime Shingles

      Most Popular Roofs in Cypress

      roof replacement
      roof replacement
      shingle roof GAF Timberline HDZ
      GAF Timberline HDZ Weathered Wood

      Average Price:

      shingle roof
      Owens Corning Oakridge Driftwood
      Average Price:
      shingle roof Malarkey Midnight Black
      Malarkey Vista AR Midnight Black
      Average Price:
      shingle roof CertainTeed
      Certainteed Landmark Moire Black
      Average Price:
      shingle roof Tamko
      Tamko Heritage Rustic Black
      Average Price:
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      A great city

      About Cypress TX.

      Cypress is an unintegrated area of Harris County, Texas, and is located nearly twenty-five miles northwest of Downtown Houston.
      Large-scale residential and commercial development began in the 1980s. This development transformed the rural area of Cypress into the Houston area’s largest community in the suburbs. Most of the house in this area has been recently built. This blowup of real state construction in Cypress is an important indicator that its economy is robust and that jobs and varying amenities are attracting a high amount of new residents to Cypress.
      The Cypress urban cluster is currently ranking 50th in the top 100 urban areas with the highest incomes in the US. Over 86% of the workforce employed in Cypress are either sales and office workers or professionals and managers. The residents at Cypress are among the most well-educated Americans in the nation with 42.47% of them owning a bachelor’s degree.
      Weather in Cypress doesn’t show much different than in other areas of the Houston area. With hot and humid summers and a wet season from April to October, Cypress experiences a heavy wet season that will require regular roof inspections to maintain a healthy roof condition.
      Things to see in Cypress
      • Houston Premium Outlets
      • Hot Wells Shooting Range
      • Houston Slingshot Rental
      • TXR Paintball

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