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We are #1 Freindswood Roof Leak Repairs, not every roof can be repaired. If your roof cannot be repaired, before we give you a roof repair proposal, we check the roof’s reparability by performing a brittle test because of some roof conditions; especially when the roof is more than 20 years old more damage to the existing roof can be done than good. At JC&C Roofing Company in Freindswood, Texas when it comes to roof repairs, we don't over promise. We will not repair your roof knowing the repair will continue to leak, not warranty the work and just take your money.

One of our core policies at JC&C Roofing Company in Freindswood, Texas is “if we cannot guarantee it, we don’t want your money!” We have a reputation for taking care of our customers. That’s the reason we do it right the first time. If the repair does not work, we will do it again until the issue is fixed.

Over the years, we have become the answer in Freindswood, Texas for roof repairs by responding to the numerous needs of our customers in local neighborhoods. At JC&C Roofing Company in Freindswood, we are proud! Our teams work hard, they are relentless in gaining ever changing approaches in the roofing industry in order for us to make informed, cost effective and permanent roof repair solutions for our customers. If your roof is still leaking after countless repair attempts by other companies, please give us a call at 713-ROOFING and you'll discover that you have come to the right place!



Call us today at 713-ROOFING to schedule your free roof repair estimate in Freindswood,  or book us online. You can use the contact form or check below for our upfront repair prices. JC&C Roofing Company in Freindswood, Texas, our estimates are completely free of charge, no obligation. Schedule your appointment today.

At the time of your inspection, we request someone eighteen years or older to be present for the inspection because we will check your attic for proper estimation by examining your plywood and insulation to assist with diagnosing the cause of the roof leak. Our estimates are only free of charge for the current property owner.

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In Freindswood Always, a successful repair starts with a roof leak inspection and the attic inspection for proper diagnosis! At JC&C Roofing Company in Freindswood, Texas, we pay attention to details. It is important to inspect your attic to assist in finding the source of the leak, looking for interior sheetrock water stains and peeling paint to confirm the repairability of the damages. If we don’t find the real source, it will be impossible to correct the problem. In most cases when the leak is old, it is easier to trace the leak.

But with new leaks, it is extremely hardier to find the problem because new leaks have not formed a watermark yet. In some cases, we have to perform a water test with your garden hose to trace the leak and in extreme cases we have to come back when it is storming and raining. These cases are more common in 3/12 to 4/12 pitch roofs and oftentimes we see leaks on roofs that have deck boards (aka wood planks).

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Transparency and honesty in our roof leak repairs in Freindswood, JC&C Roofing in Freinsdwood, we are making the roof leak repairs process more transparent! Roofers are well known for having a bad reputation oftentimes compared to car mechanics. In our efforts to make the roof repair process more transparent, when we are doing a roof repair in our Fort Bend County neighborhoods we document the roofing repairs with pictures from our arrival, to climbing the roof, and before we touch anything. We take pictures of everything. We specifically document the removal of the shingles, removal of the underlayment and condition of the plywood. And if the plywood needs to be repaired, we photograph each new piece of plywood. Then we capture the installation of the leak barrier, installation of the shingles and installation of the flashing to whatever else we are doing on the roof. Our goal is to overwhelm you with a sense of trust, that way the next time you’re in need of a reputable roofing contractor in Fort Bend County, the only one that comes to your mind is JC&C Roofing Company.

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Countless repair attempts? You’ve come to the right place. We are experienced roof leak repairs contractor in Freindswood, that you're looking for. At JC&C Roofing Company, we are a proud Freindswood company fixing roof repairs right the first time. At JC&C Roofing Company, you will find knowledgeable and reliable roofers. We make it a point to quote honest, permanent and excellent prices for all your roof repair needs. Because transparency with our customers is a priority for us, we even publish our prices online so you will have an idea of what to expect.

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We are the #1 Roof repairs contractor we specialized in plumbing roof vent leaks flashing in Freindswood, plumbing vents are something every house requires for taking the septic and plumbing odors out your house. Every house on average has around 8 plumbing vent flashing. They come in a large variety of styles. The most common are the Rubber boot flashings, galvanized or aluminum standard rubber collar flashing, Economy Lead flashing or Houston Coded flashing, bullet boots and the newest most fancy one the Ultimate Pipe flashing until today are the best on the Freindswood’s Area. Depending on the knowledge of your previous roofer, every flashing has a different application. We take into consideration the complexity of your roof, your surrounding environment and whether your shingle type requires flashing. For example, you never need to install lead flashing on areas that have a lot of mature trees and squirrels because the squirrels chew the lead flashing which will later leak. Another thing that can make a plumbing vent flashing leaks and this is the most common, is poor workmanship! Rubber boots, galvanized and aluminum standard rubber collar flashings only last from 8 - 12 years. The majority of these flashing cannot be painted, so when the roofer paints the flashing they shorten the life expectancy of the rubber. To meet your HOA Requires and to enhance curb appeal, we paint them to match the existing roof. JC&C Roofing Company in Freindswood, Texas, when we are going to repair a leak from a plumbing vent flashing, we start with removing the shingles around the vent flashing and then remove the underlayment in the same area. If you don’t do it this way, the plywood will rot from excessive moisture on the plywood causing 100% leakage no matter what caulking, shingles or leak barrier you use. It will still leak! We make sure the transition from the new shingles to the old shingles are manually sealed with roof cement. If you want your leaky plumbing vent flashing replaced and done right the first time, don’t hesitate to call us at 713-ROOFING for a free estimate on your plumbing vent flashing repair. We are the best Freindswood roof leak repairs solution!

Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Magnolia
Roof Contractor in Magnolia
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No matter what they say, plastic slant back roof vents and plastic roof vent domes won't perform well in Freindswood’s heat nor the surrounding areas. These vents curl, crack, and leak plus combined with poor workmanship are a recipe for disaster. Rubber boots are one of the most repaired items in the Freindswood, Texas neighborhoods. Continually, our minds are blown by how many roofers replace a roof or do a repair and still use these materials especially when the aluminum or metal vents only cost a couple dollars more. Unbelievable practices! If you’re planning on getting your roof replaced soon or planning on doing some roof repairs, don’t allow your roofer to use one of these flashings: the plastic slant back roof vent or the plastic roof vent dome. Not sure if you have a leak, you can always check in your attic for water staining on your plywood specially close to your vents. Pay attention, you don’t have the expertise and can get seriously hurt or cause damage to your house, attics can be dangerous. At the time to replace your plastic slant back roof vents, make sure they remove your shingles and underlayment around the vents. If needed after the plywood repairs have been completed, they must install a leak barrier, the new shingles similar in style, size and color and the brand new aluminum or metal slant back roof vent. Always in the transition from the new shingles with the old shingles, we manually seal with roof cement.

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Chimney Flashing Leaks repairs in Freindswood, chimneys flashings are very susceptible to leaks for many different reasons. The most common reason chimney leaks are:

• Chimney Flashing made of brick mortar or stucco, a specific size of flashing is required depending on the brick cut made with the grinder. If the flashing is too small, the flashing underneath the shingles will get loose and will leak. The chimney with stone instead of brick mortar, in older houses when very old or has very deep mortar requires a custom flashing. The standard flashing in the industry is 5” metal exposure with a ¼ inch lip and in these cases requires a larger lip depending on the size of the stone or the brick mortar because the exposure depends on the size needed. We have a partnership with a sheet metal shop that provides custom flashing in the moment according to our specifications.

• Chimney Cricket: Manufacturers recommended every chimney larger than 20”, (IRC only recommends 24”) have to have a chimney cricket built. The lack of a chimney cricket, especially when you have a tree close to your roof, accumulates of leaves and when you have a pile of leaves can rotten your metal flashing and cause leaks. The reason you need a chimney cricket.

• Step flashing is needed during the chimney flashing installation, it is required to have the chimney step flashing (Tin Shingles) installed on your chimney.

• Does the leak barrier around the chimney make a difference during the installation? Yes and no. Leak barrier really helps and works as a moisture barrier but if the chimney flashing is not properly installed or the roofer didn’t install the wings on the flashing, there will be leaks.

• The bottom flashing below the chimney is important. Most of these flashings have 3” exposure and the flashing has to be at least 4” exposure, and we always recommend doing this at the job site using the valley metal. Never buy the premade flashing already bent in a 90 degrees angle, no matter how good you open it the flashing will always lift up.

• Chimney Chase Covers in a lot of cases the rust penetrates the metal or the roofer who installs the chimney chase covers put nails on the flat area making it a source for leaks, so we always recommend to install a high temperature tape between the chimney chase cover and actual chimney tube, underneath the storm collar, when the tape is not installed this are becomes another source for leaks.

• At the time to perform a chimney repair, it is very important to remove the shingles, underlayment, flashings, leak barrier around the chimney to inspect the plywood. If the plywood is rotten or has moisture transferred, the plywood has to be removed! If it is not done this way, it will leak again!

Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Magnolia
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Roof wall flashing is another area roofers will cut corners and you are left with easy to leak areas. Installing shingles on the walls isn’t as complicated as it sounds. We have the right roofers to install the best materials with patience, it is important to properly remove the old shingles, old flashing if removable and old underlayment.

This process with the underlayment removal is key because you may have to replace rotten or water stained plywood. The nails won’t be able to hold to your plywood and will pop up resulting in another leak. After the completion of the plywood repair, we will have to install the leak barrier (Ice & Water Shield Protection) then install the shingles (Make sure the shingles are the same style.

For example: if you have a 3 Tab Shingle you cannot mix it with a Laminated Architectural Shingles or Designer Shingles even if the manufacturers are the same or if you have IKO Cambridge Weathered Wood shingles, you can’t combined with Tamko Heritage Shingles. We purchase what is needed to properly do the repair. So NO, we do not use leftover materials. Always in the transition from the new shingles with the old shingles, we manually sealed with roof cement.

Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Fulshear



    This type of composite chimney siding is the most common in new houses. These cause common leaks in the chimney especially after the roof has been replaced because the builder installed the flashing between the chimney siding and shingles. When the flashing got perforated with nails at the time of the old roof install, is an important reason to completely clean this area, replacing any rotten or water stained plywood. Then install a leak barrier underneath the old flashing, install the wings, install the bottom flashing, install the Tin shingles, and new matching shingles so the problem is solved.
  • The siding on your chimney is another frequent problem. Some builders do a terrible job when it comes to installing siding on your chimney, for instance areas like Missouri City, TX or The Woodlands, TX where a lot of houses have composite siding on the chimneys which literally rot out. If the siding on your chimney is not properly installed or your siding is failing, this area will be another source of leaks. Call Us! At the time to do your chimney siding, we will remove the old siding and underlayment, verify if the structure is solid and cover the chimney frame with plywood. Then, we will install a Synthetic underlayment like Tyvec, install Hardie Plank on your chimney and use a good siding caulking. The caulking must cure in order to prime and paint your chimney siding.


In AFreindswood, skylight roof leak problems are very common to the point that some homeowners get so sick of dealing with skylight roof leaks by closing the skylights. These skylight roof leaks happen for different reasons. The most common reason is for improper flashing installation, the lack of flashing, or cracks on the skylights. Re-flashing a skylight has exactly the same process as re-flashing a chimney.

It is recommended to replace your skylight every time you replace your roof. It is not recommended to re-used your skylight especially when you have a self-flashing skylight. Never is recommended to install a self-flashing skylight on a roof with a pitch below 4/12 or if your roof accumulates a lot of leaves.

The 3 most common skylights are:

  • Curb Mounted Skylight
  • Self-Flashing Skylight
  • Pan Flashing Skylight


We service 1 Story, 2 Story and 3 Story buildings. No matter how complicated the repair, we have you covered! Literally your roofing problems will be over with JC&C Roofing Company, we take repairs very seriously. We like to do everything right the very first time. How do we do that? Simply by following our repairs’ process and guidelines. When we have to perform a repair on your 3 story house, it will be done right the very first time. We have the equipment needed for your 3 story roof repair.


We service Spanish Tile repairs and Concrete Tile repairs needed on your roof. When it comes to tile repairs, we have a designated and experienced team specialized on tile roof shingles. In Freindswood, TX. We have several testimonies from customers who spent thousands of dollars with other roofing contractors and now dealing with stubborn leakages. Everything comes to an end when you hire JC&C Roofing Company of Alvin. JC&C Is the way to go when it comes to your Spanish Tile Repairs and Concrete Tile Repairs.


We service TPO Roof repairs and PVC Roof repairs needed on your roof. We are at your service when it comes to these types of roofs. Keep in mind, debris removal from your flat roof. Maintenance to your top roof is important for the optimal performance of your roof. If you’re experiencing some roof leaks, a result from screw punctures during your A/C Maintenance, bullet holes or your roof membrane weren’t properly welded down during the installation call us at 713-ROOFING. Any roof leaks, we are at your service at JC&C Roofing Company of Freindswood, Texas.



  • Freindswood’s #1 roof maintenance provider cares about your roof. Routinely, your roof will need regular maintenance no matter what type of roof type or design. If you live in a house that has a lot of leaves or pine needles on your roof, it is extremely important that the leaves are removed frequently. If those leaves aren’t removed, your roof will get moisture build up underneath the shingles and the nails will start to rust leading to a leak down the road. When it comes to this point, the only way to repair your roof is to replace the shingles in this area. You won’t be able to fix this by just blowing off the leaf and re-caulking. That’s the reason maintenance is providing care!
  • Roof Tune Ups are very important to re-seal all the exposed nail pops and penetration areas on your roof. You cannot have exposed nails without re-caulking them. When the head nail rusts, it is when the leaks will start.
  • Gutter cleaning is another way to maintain your roof. If your gutters aren’t clean, the accumulation of leaves will create moisture on the edge of your roof, ruining underneath your starter strip shingle and to your plywood causing rot. Another problem is when the gutters are full of water and overflow ruining your fascia as well as your gutters. What’s even worse is your fascia and your gutters will collapse at the same time.
Roof Contractor in Fulshear
Roof Contractor in Fulshear


Unwanted expenses? At JC&C Roofing Company, we offer roof repairs with flexible financing in Freindswood. We work with several financial institutions to assist with your roof repair costs.

If you want to hold onto your reserve monies, request our JC&C Representative to present you with financing options for your roofing repair work. You can choose to pay for your roof repairs over the years or get 18 Months Same As Cash *WAC for your roof repairs. If your roof is diagnosed as non-repairable, request our JC&C’s Representative to present you with financing options for your replacement.

Financing won’t affect your roof repair price. Our main goal is to become the solution for your roofing needs and not the headache.

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