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The Hand-Nailing Company

When it comes to installing a new roof to your house a nail and how it is installed plays an important role in the process. The correct placement of these nails and how they are sitting into the roof shingles and decking determines a good roofing installation.

Hand Nailing Vs. Air Gun Nailing

Both Methods are approved by the manufacturer. JC&C Roofing believes in the old fashion method of hand driven still is the BEST way to install roofing shingles.

Every shingle tab have nail lines where shingles should be placed. The nail line is an area specified by the manufacturer in which the nails must be installed. The nail area is not a large area and precise nail placement is a MUST to ensure the shingles will hold to the decking. If the nails fall out the nail line the shingle can break loose.

Airguns are used for one thing and is SPEED

which is for the benefit of the installer and the roofing company. The faster the job can get done the quicker the installer can get to the next roof. Nail Guns can be used properly but the problem is that most contractors do not take the time to properly configure the nail gun and tend to rush through installing a shingle. Most roofer using an air nailers do not take the time to correct a nail that doesn’t sit properly into the decking.

“If you hire a contractor who uses air nail guns our recommendation to you is to ask them to slow down to make sure the nails are properly installed.”

The operating air pressure for an air nail gun must be configured every time of use and pressure of the compressors is not always consistent.

Hand Nailing is used for one thing and is CONSISTENCY

Hand nailing a roof is for the benefit of the homeowner. Air Guns weight approximately 5-6 lbs. depending on the model used vs. the hammer 1-2 lbs. The power to accurately place the nail in the lines at a measurable and controlled speed and force give us the power to ensure quality every single nail.

We hand nail to ensure accuracy

Hand nailing is more consistent when we take the nail and place it directly in the nail area designated by the manufacturer and nail it individually to the roof shingle.

The big problem roofers face when using air gun nails is that they set the roof shingles, pick up the nail gun to nail and then drop the air gun against the roof shingles over and over again though the process. The roofers who hand nail have the hammer consistently in their hands and there is no dropping it over the roof shingles.

We hand nail to ensure durability of the roof shingles
Ready to repair or replace your roof?

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Ready to repair
or replace your roof?

It’s all about

peace of mind!

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