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Your Roof as low as $99/month!

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Some love to show their love for this season by covering every inch of their home’s exterior with colorful string lights. Popular outdoor christmas lights ideas for decorating the roof of our homes include outlining the gutters with lights and hanging christmas lights from eaves and roof shingles and ridges.

An eco-friendly option for christmas lights are solar powered lights. It is also a friendly solution to your utility bills. Also remember, there is no need to poke holes on the roof to install christmas lights. Lighting clips make the work so much easier and safer for the shingles’ integrity.

Be very careful when taking down your christmas lights after the holidays since pulling too hard on the clips might damage the shingles or ridges of your roof.

If you plan on installing string lights these holidays you should remember:

  • Map out your scheme and home measurements.
  • Use only decorations and lights that have been approved for outdoor use.
  • For your safety, never use more than three strings on any one run.
  • Always plug lights into same-length strings. This is for amperage evenness.
  • Consider energy efficiency by using LED lights instead of incandescent bulbs.

If you have planted evergreens outside your home, lighting nets are a fabulous way to decorate. Or you can algo wrap string lights or candy cane swirls around tree trunks or posts.

Another great option to add light and liveliness to your front lawn is to set inflatable christmas characters that your family and friends will enjoy. A snowman, Santa Claus or a couple of reindeers might do the work of keeping you and your loved ones in the holiday spirit.

For a more whimsical touch, you can also set your lights to music by acquiring a music synchronization kit to rock around the christmas tree these holidays!

After the holidays

Here are 6 tips to help you remove your lights safely and check for your roof

  1. Hire a Light Removal Company- This is obviously the safest bet for the homeowner. Yet not all of us are able to pay to have a “Professional” come and remove Christmas lights.  Plus a lot of us are probably starting to feel the Post-Christmas budget squeeze right about now.
  2. Review Ladder Safety- The warnings on the ladder are true, stepping on the top rung of a step ladder is dangerous for a multitude of reasons.  Other ladder safety tips such as having someone stabilize the ladder at the bottom, wearing appropriate shoes and making sure the ladder is on even ground are big ones!  If you need more reminders about how to properly use a ladder visit the American Ladder Institute.
  3. Purchase a Big Reach Hook to assist you in removing hard to reach lights.
  4. Watch the cords! Figure out a way to minimize tripping over extension cords and your lights with light and cord reels.  Plus, imagine the added bonus of NOT having to untangle them each time you get them out!
  5. Make sure the weather is appropriate. Yes, you can find a dry time to remove the lights as impossible as it seems.  It is safer to keep the lights up longer than trying to remove them in less than favorable weather conditions.
  6. During winter the roof shingles tend to be brittle and easily be damaged, broken or cracked. Make sure you work safely  removing the lights from the shingles tab on the edges. After removing the light the best recommendation, we can give you is to schedule a free inspection to see if your roof needs minor caulking, sealing or repair to prevent leaks.

We’re trusted roofing contractor in Houston TX.  Call us for a quick roof inspection to ensure you roof was not damaged after the Christmas lights decorations on your roof.

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