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How it Works? 

We make roofing simple and affordable | Same or Next day roofing quotes.


1. Schedule a Free Inspection

We have managed to improve the whole experience to help you make the best decision. Our roof inspection usually takes less than 30 minutes, although some may take longer depending on your roofing needs, and the size of the property. Pick the day and time to meet with our roofing specialist in your home.

2. Capturing your roofing problems during Inspection

You don’t normally get to “see” your roof. Every roof we quote gets a complimentary full inspection and we will provide pictures or a video to show you the problem areas and provide a real solutions for your roof. This is an evaluation of your roof type and age and identifies any leaks, rotted decking, missing roof shingles/damaged panels, and algae growth. During inspection, the chimney flashing & wall abutment condition will be checked as well as the condition of the jacks & vents, the type of ventilation, whether or not there is proper fastening of roof, the condition of gutters, signs of moisture at soffits, and signs of water in the attic. An inspection includes detailed photos, comments, and recommendations for repairs or replacement shared after the initial inspections.

Use satellite imagery to measure your roof for replacement quotes
Let's avoid misunderstandings. Every inspection we make uses satellite imagery to measure with a 3D view of your roof. The day of the inspection we will take photos to generate the measurement report to create your roof replacement quotes. Quotes are produced same day or next day (24-48 hours)


3. Avoid roofing headaches. Shop at Home

Let's speak about the options you have for a roof replacements.
During our one-to-one we will walk you through the quotes and we will
show you exactly what you need and confirm the roofing services needed to get done.
The meeting’s goal is provide an exceptional educational experience to make sure you understand everything required for your roofing project and avoid roofing headaches.
We understand how big of an investment a roof replacement is and we've promised to give our customers the tools to make the best decision for their roofing project whether or not your hire us.

4. Great Experience, Not Just A Roof

Roofing can be stressful with the wrong roofing contractor. But with us, it's a worry-free experience. The installation process after you have decided to move forward with us is the easy part. The roof installation will take a 1 day service for most roofs, and we will come with our portable trailer early morning, tear-off everything to the deck to repair rotten plywoods and leave with your home better than we found it!
Needing a roof replacement?

We take no chances on your safety or peace of mind.

Let us help you
Needing a roof replacement?

We take no chances on your safety or peace of mind.

Let us help you