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Houston Texas Roof Replacement Cost.

Jennifer Hernandez Published on July 25, 2019

Roofing jobs are right up there on the list of things that can get out of hand faster than you can imagine. Replacing a roof is a huge project that’s subject to quite a few local regulations. Your roof in one of the most visiable portion of your home, and it’s also critical to keeping your home and family safe.

Researching the cost of roofs and which roofing company you are going to hire are key to understand the quotes you will be receiving. The cost of a new roof is determined by size, materials, complexity, manufacturer warranties and labor prices.

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"A New Roof Replacement Houston TX can typically cost between $240 – $340 per Square".

Jennifer Hernández JC&C Roofing Company

A roof replacement can typically cost between $5,113 – $18,000. The cost of roofs is determined by the size, complexity such as roof pitch (steepness). Materials and labor cost is determined by the size and shingle waste percentage.

Roofing is a dangerous work, with installation prices to match. The cost shoots up if you have a steeply pitched roof, since the installers have to take more care to work safely and right every shingle. Materials cost is one of the biggest and most important to consider. Roofing prices are soaring along with the price of oil. Any roof you replace at today’s dollars could easily cost two to three times as much in just a few years. Material prices increase 5%-15% annually.

The average lifespan of roof is 20 -25 years. It’s all about proper installation. Sadly most roofs we see were not installed the way the manufacturer designed them to be installed. Installation error can voids the manufacture’s warranty. The roofer’s Guaranteed/Warranty is the one that really makes the difference after this materials are installed.

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The fact is that roofing materials cost what they cost. A cheap roofer who thinks he has to compete with a lower price can only beat other roofer’s quote by cutting corners. You’ll want a Certified roofing contractor with great attention to detail and stands behind their work after it’s completed. Your investment is worth done right the first time. Ask us about what we do for our customer after the work is done. We promise the same service after the work is done. Our workmanship warranty is about peace of mind.

We install roof in the Houston, Texas and surrounding areas at affordable prices with guaranteed workmanship and certified manufacturer warranties. We strive to earn your trust to do business. Our business is built to establish strong relationship to understand your project goals, budget and needs. Call us for a Roof Free Inspection today!

Jennifer Hernandez Published on July 25, 2019

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