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Your roof is built with the combination of the best roofing materials and the best roofing services, to ensure safety and comfort for you and your loved ones. Plus, you get to give your home a beautiful look with our varied options of premium quality roof shingles. We have installed hundreds of shingle roofs in Houston area. JC&C Roofing Company we’re dedicated team of roofing specialists doing roofing with a caring attitude and professionalism.

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Worry free Workmanship

Guaranteed is simple and no “blame” game around. If your roof leaks, we will fix the problem free of charge during our warranty period.

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The roof is installed by manufacturer-trained, certified installers which ensures we take no chances on your safety or peace of mind.

17 Points Roof Inspection

This is a quick overview of the roof condition looking at 17 key areas. The inspection is usually done within 30 minutes and photos of the inspection is left for your review.

A Good Roof is the Foundation of a Good Home

We pledge to never cut corners or skimp on our roofing quality.

Purchasing a new roof involves a combination of the best roofing supplies and roofing services. During this purchase process it is very important to understand the role of the roofing contractor and the role of the manufacturer. At JC&C Roofing Company we work with the best roofing manufacturer. We are certified by the roofing manufacturer to ensure that every roof we install has the warranty for your investment. Most roofing companies in houston area will find a way to “Make a Sale” and put their company first, but here at JC&C we’re quite the opposite. Our#1 goal is to make the customer first with a sincere effort to resolve your roofing problems.  

We have chosen to install every roof by hand-nailing the roof so we can ensure the shingle is properly placed and nailed to the correct depth; flush with the shingle and not over or under-driven.

We fit your needs for your roof repair.

Roof Repair

If you haven’t had your roof inspection recently, JC&C Roofing Company is here to help. Roof maintenance or repair are a cost-effective way of ensuring that your home – and your family – stay safe. A roof repair can bring a roof up to manufacturer specifications, building code, and insurance standards. Speak with a roof specialist to analyze your roof’s repair needs.

Making sure your roof is secure is incredibly important. Make you roof last longer with roof maintenance. Extreme temperatures, hot and cold, cause expansion and contraction of roofing materials and flashing, forming leaks. Additionally, strong wind can cause debris to fall on the roof surface, potentially damaging it.That debris, if left unattended, can cause discoloration, block water flow, and at worst, hold moisture and create rot. Take advantage of maintenance packages we offer and make your roof last longer.

Leak Free Guarantee

We guarantee to stop your roof leaks or we will remedy the problem free of charge

Compositions roofs are the most commonly seen residential roofing products. There are literally thousands of options, all coming with the lowest installation costs we offer.

  • Manufacturer warranties on roof shingles range from 20 years to a Lifetime.
  • Roof shingles are improved to prevent algae and moss growth, UV degradation, and to resist cracking, splitting, and blistering.
  • Some composition roof shingles are energy efficient and qualify for an Energy Star™ rating. Check with your roofing professional for more details on optimizing your home to be energy efficient.
  • Some roof shingles now offer Class IV impact resistant ratings – the highest rating offered in roofing products to combat hail and other impacts.

What they're saying

The work was completed in one day and the results were great. His crew did an excellent job from the tear off to the final clean-up. They went above and beyond to assure that the final result was satisfactory. With JC&C, you can expect professional, courteous service, reasonable price, and great results.

Kenneth MuseCustomer

We had a wonderful experience with JC&C Roofing Company. Christian and Jennifer kept us informed and guided us carefully throughout this process of replacing a roof. I loved the visuals that explained everything that would happen during this process

Sonya and Gregg M.Customer

I found Christian Hernandez and his staff to be extremely knowledgeable and very pleasant to work with. Once all was approved for replacement and repairs, Christian and his staff were efficient in the delivery of materials, and getting all the work done to my satisfaction.

Kathryn MillingCustomer

Do your homework

Purchasing a new roof involves understanding seamlessly your needs and choosing the best roofing services and roofing contractor to work hand in hand with. We have gathered the information you need to know, from identifying your needs, roofing materials and roof installation processes, so you can choose the best option for your project.

Ready to repair or replace your roof?

It’s all about

peace of mind!

Let us help you
Ready to repair
or replace your roof?

It’s all about

peace of mind!

Let us help you

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