Accurately Plan and Estimate

Every Roof Project

How we do it?

Your property's 3D model in a few simple steps.


1. Schedule Appointment

We have managed to improve the whole experience to help you make the best decision. Our roof inspection usually takes less than 20 minutes, although some may take longer depending on your needs, and the size of the property. Schedule your appointment via phone, email, website or online booking " Book Now" button.

2. Capture your Roof Problems

You don’t normally get to “see” your roof. Every roof we quote gets a complimentary full inspection and we will provide pictures or video to show you problem areas and provide real solutions.

3. Share interactive 3D model

See what change really looks like. Create the perfect Roof with design features that let you view different manufacturers’ products and colors.

4. We Prepare a Writing Quote

We will do our best for a fair price. You can be confident that you will always receive a fair price for the work that you hire JC&C Roofing to complete on you property. No inflated costs or hidden fees. Honest pay for honest work. Our quotes are simple, upfront and itemized into options for you to make the best decision for your project.

More Than Just Shingles. We Quote for Roofing Systems.
It takes an entire system of products working together. Roofing & Attic Ventilation.


5. In-person meeting

Let's be on the same page and speak the options you have for roof replacement.
During our in-person meeting we will show you our writing quote and we will
show you exactly what you need and confirm the work that needs to get done.

In-person meeting goal is to cover the truth about the secrets underneath the shingles. We understand how big of an investment a roof replacement is and we've promised to give our customer the tools to make the best decision for their project. We discuss the requirements and recommendations for the installation of a high-quality shingle roof system.

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