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$149 Roof Tune-Up Maintenance Packages

The Roof Tune-Up option is the quickest, most affordable solutions. Rather than replacing your roof in some cases, your roof may only need touch ups, re-seal or re-secure to extend the lifespan of your roof.

Houston Roof Tune-Up

What's in the box

Our $149 roof repair option is exactly what your roof needs, rather than being fully replaced in some cases, your roof may need touch ups, re-seal or re-secure to extend the lifespan of your roof. JC&C offers homeowners in Houston, TX an immediate fix to their roofing issues, without the hassle of scheduling an estimate.

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What's included Premium Roof Tune-Up Service?

Protecting your home, our team and your neighbors is our #1 Priority

Reseal de following

  • The Vents
  • The flashings pipes boots.
  • Chimney/Skilight Flashing.
  • Exposed nail heads.

Repair the following

  • Repair of exposed nail heads

Re-Secure the following

  • Tightening loose shingle
  • Tightening loose roof vents
  • Tightening loose wall flashing

Limited to: Up to 1 story properties 7/12 Pitch, Single Family Dwelling.

If we find anything that needs additional repairs, we will provide a FREE ROOF ESTIMATE. Technician will inspect your entire roof, along with taking before and after photos and provide you with the findings.

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Don’t wait another day for other roofers to send you a quote. With us, you can get a free instant roofing estimate in less than five minutes. Don’t worry about annoying salesmen putting pressure on you to make a same-day decision.


Accredited & Certified Roof Contractors

We are certified by the roofing manufacturer to ensure that every roof we install has the warranty for your investment. We work safely to ensure your new roof is solidly in place and performs the way the manufacturer designed it to.

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