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Storm Damage & Roofing Scams

Storm Damage & Roofing Scams Homeowners should be aware of:

Storm damage can be a real nightmare, we have all seen what what mother nature can do, and how often. Our team of specialists can deal with the aftermath of any severe storm, restoring your roof and making it safe once again.


Out of state roofer or scammers or legitimate local roofing companies?
Do your research and look online for references, reviews and business credentials.
Some scammers come making promises or telling lies. You need to be on your toes and just tell them to go away. Be aware of storm chasers who aren’t even roofers at all and who specifically follow storm areas in order to scam victims their monies by offering nonexistent services and running off.


Deductible it’s your out pocket expense. A roofing company cannot pay, waived, credit or “eat” the deductible. This is the favorite word in the world of scamming because homeowners don’t realize it’s a scam and they go along with it so easily. This scam is used by out of state roofers and even some legitimate local roofing companies. Salesman come and knock on your door and during the sales pitch, the subject of the deductible comes up and they will say; you won’t have to pay your deductible. That sounds great, except for on thing it’s a felony. Any contractor that promises to pay part or all your deductible is committing FRAUD and involves you as the homeowner in the crime.
Chapter 35, Insurance Fraud Section 35.02(7)(B) business and commerce code. Chapter 27.02


The difference between a scammer’s contingency and a legit is the fine print.
The scammer will start with the deductible lie to get you to sign a contingency. A legitimate contingency contract will be based on insurance approval and will become null and void if the insurance does not approve the work. The scammer’s contingency contract will basically say the same thing and will generally have some fine print saying you owe X amount for representing you or you agreed to replace your roof at your own expense for an undetermined amount until they fill up the blank. Make sure you read before signing and ask question on the fine print.


If a contractor is asking for full payment or larger down payment, this may be indicative of a scam.


Plain and simple, It’s illegal for anyone without a public insurance adjuster’s license to act as an insurance adjuster. However there are some roofer who will act as an insurance adjuster to milk more money from the insurance companies and homeowners. Roofers can only meet with your insurance adjusters and help them find all the storm damage on your property, this is not illegal. Roofers can talk to your and the insurance about the work scope needed to restore the property properly.


The scammer has promised all of the profit and more out of the job so they can have the sale. Scammer will use inferior materials, “Second” or Defective and/or stolen materials. (This do not come with manufacturer warranty again defects) They don’t do all the all the work laid out in your adjuster report and bill for it. Now they have short changed you by not giving you a quality roof possible. The fact is that roofing materials cot what they cost and It’s all about proper installation. Ask for a written and itemized contract to have the work scope and materials agreed upon start.

Roofing scams are one of the most popular scams because the scammers catch you off guard and when you are the most vulnerable.

We offer no legal or opinion advice regarding this matter but below you will find a few important sections of the law and standard insurance contract.

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