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If it has stormed recently, it’s probably a good idea to have your roof checked. A close inspection of the roof shingles is important to identify any potential damage to the roof. 

You won’t be able to tell if your roof has been damaged just by looking at it from the ground. Call your insurance company and ask for an adjuster to inspect your roof for hail or wind damage. Or if you prefer, you can call a professional roof inspector at JC&C for a free inspection of your roof’s conditions. 

What does hail do to a roof?

  • Accelerated granule loss on the shingles
  • Accelerated shingle aging
  • Voids manufacturer’s warranties
  • Damage to roof vents
  • Leads to other associated problems, like leakage

A hail hit on the shingle appears to look like a dark spot or bruise where the granules on the shingle have been knocked off. This causes the asphalt underlayment to be exposed.

Wind damage

wind speeds that can damage a roof. There is often little that can be done to prevent wind damage in the most extreme conditions. It is particularly common that the roof appears damaged in certain spots more than others since some areas of the roof might experience a greater force and impact. 

Especially during tornado winds, there might be flying debris that can cause major structural damage to the roof. Also, branches that hang over the roof are causes for damage during strong winds as well and should be properly groomed for precaution. 


We recommend to book a free inspection if you might have doubts of the health condition of your roof.

Choosing the certified roofing contractor in Houston TX assurance that you'll be dealing with a quality, reputable, and dependable professional roofing contractor- not some "fly-by-nighter."

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