Hand-Nailed Roof Replacements
June 9, 2022

Gun-nailing or hand-nailing?

Roofing Advice

“Hand nailing is more consistent when we take the nail and place it directly in the nail area designated by the manufacturer and nail it individually to the roof shingle”.

Jennifer Hernández JC&C Roofing Company

Efficient work time is crucial for a successful roof replacement. Nail guns have become popular among roofing contractors to save time and provide same-day solutions. However, careful handling is necessary to ensure proper nail placement, which is essential for a quality roof installation.

Misplaced nails can compromise the integrity of the roof, and nail guns are more prone to errors than hand-nailing. Rushing the installation process is a common mistake made by contractors, but configuring the gun and correcting any misplaced nails can help avoid this issue. Hand-nailing ensures accuracy and proper nail placement flush to the shingles.

Air gun nails can cause damage and inconsistent placement, as roofers tend to drop the tool against the shingles repeatedly while picking it up. In contrast, hand-nailing with a hammer ensures consistency, which is essential for a high-quality roof installation.

Our secret for roof replacement - Hand nailing

By hand-nailing, we ensure the proper position of the nail flush to the shingle, which is crucial for preventing any potential issues in the future. Rushing the process can compromise nail placement and overall installation quality. In summary, nail guns can be an efficient solution for roof replacements, but careful handling and attention to detail are necessary to ensure the best results.”

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