Hurricane Season
July 5, 2022

Hurricanes: Your roof’s worst nightmare in 2022!

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Laying at 24 meters above sea level, Houston is at risk of storm damage when hurricane season starts.“.

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Houston is the biggest city in Texas, 24 meters above sea level. Every year, it’s vulnerable to powerful storms during hurricane season. These storms bring flooding, hail, and damaging winds, often leading to widespread devastation and costly repairs. Protect your property from extreme weather conditions by preparing your roof, the first line of defense. ? Contact us now for a FREE roof inspection and minor roof repairs to strengthen your roof system before it’s too late.

Hurricane season in the Atlantic, North Atlantic basins, and the Gulf of Mexico is from June to October. Based on 72 years of data, September is the most active month. High-speed winds and storm surges create hurricanes during summer months. These storms cause destructive winds, heavy rain, and flooding, causing significant damage to properties and infrastructure.

NOAA predicts that the 2022 Atlantic hurricane season will be above average, making it more crucial to take proactive steps to prepare your property and protect your loved ones. By doing so, you can have peace of mind during the storm season, knowing that your property is well-protected against any potential damage.

Schedule your free inspection for minor roof repairs

Schedule a roof inspection before the hurricane season starts, as even minor damage can worsen during a hurricane, leading to significant problems and costly repairs. Contact our team for a FREE roof inspection and minor roof repairs to ensure your roof system is strong enough to withstand the storm season.

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