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To ensure you have the best experience with our roofing company, we employ onsite quality control managers. They’ll keep you informed with real time updates on the progress of your roofing project. This includes information and photo documentation we provide via a phone call or text message. This is just one extra step we take to show we care about the success of your roofing project.

Roof Process | Shingles Replacements

While the process of our communication starts and stays steady from the very beginning, you can expect an increase prior to and during your project. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our entire team places emphasis on keeping you updated. This includes communication from Jennifer, our office administrator, Christian onsite quality control manager or Yolanda, Sales manager.

More than just  roof shingles

Tear Off To The Deck | Haul away and Dispose
Remove All Materials To The Existing Decking
*If the decking needs to be replaced the first 5 sheets of plywood are free. After that, plywood is replaced at $45 per sheet. Sheets are 4'x8' in dimension.
Apply Ice & Water Shield To Valleys, Chimney, Wall Flash Junctions, And Under All Pipes
Install 2x2" Pre-Painted Drip Edge On Rakes & Eaves As Applicable
Install Synthetic Underlayment Over Entire Roof System
Install Manufacturer Starter To Rakes & Eaves
*Installation Permits: 130mph Wind Resistance
Install Roof Shingles With 6 Nails Per Shingle
*Increases standard wind rating of 110mph to 130mph
Remove & Replace All Pipe Jacks With New Lead Pipe jacks
Remove & Replace Chimney Flashing
Install New Step & Counter Flashing
Install Hip & Ridge Cap
*High profile hip & ridge shingle, giving a more durable and aesthetic new look.
Paint All Pipes & Flashing To Match Shingle Color
Apply NP1 Caulking To all critical junctions, Nail Heads, and Flashing Bases,
Magnetically Sweep Perimeter / Haul Off All Debris / Cover Windows & Shrubbery
Cover Pool With Plastic | Pressure Wash Off your driveway after the installation.
Steep & High Charges may apply
CT Landmark AR | GAF Timberline HD
* 30YR - Algae Resistant 10yr Guaranteed
Materials & Accessories
All materials proposed below are to be installed.
Ice & Water Shield" Water shield membrane applied to all valleys, siding junctions, roof penetrations, and chimney base
1 1/2" , 2"or 3" Non Code Lead Jack
8" Painted Roof Jacks Std Pitch
Ridge vent 12" Unfiltered | Ridge Area
Step Flashing 8 x 8 All Colors Pre-Painted
Nails 1" Plastic Caps
Nails 1-1/4" Coil Nails
Nails 2-1/2" for Hips & Ridges
Spray Paint (12 oz)
Chemlink F1263 Duralink 35 (10.1 oz)

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