Hand-Nailed Roof Replacements
June 9, 2022

Gun-nailing or hand-nailing?

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“Hand nailing is more consistent when we take the nail and place it directly in the nail area designated by the manufacturer and nail it individually to the roof shingle”.

Jennifer Hernández JC&C Roofing Company

If there is anything that makes or breaks a deal nowadays is the amount of time it takes to repair or replace a roof. This is why many roofing contractors have decided to cut down on the work time by using nail guns. These guns make the work a lot faster and “efficient” when it comes to delivering same-day solutions.

When it comes to installing a new roof to your house a nail and how it is installed plays an important role in the process. The correct placement of these nails and how they are sitting into the roof shingles and decking determines the quality of the roofing installation.

The problem with gun-nailing is that, while the work is done a little faster, it’s done with less care than it would be if it were hand-nailed. This is because LESS WEIGHT = MORE POWER TO NAIL IT RIGHT. Nail guns can be used properly but the problem is that most contractors do not take the time to properly configure the nail gun and tend to rush through installing a shingle. Most roofers using air nailers do not take the time to correct a nail that doesn’t sit properly into the decking.

The big problem roofers face when using air gun nails is that they set the roof shingles, pick up the nail gun to nail and then drop the air gun against the roof shingles over and over again through the process. The roofers who hand nail the shingles have the hammer consistently in their hands and there is no dropping it over the roof shingles.

Also, by hand nailing the shingles, we ensure the proper position of the nail flush to the shingle.

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